Leads: The Mines

Since the speculation is that Williams is in a mineshaft somewhere, let’s look at that information.

According to, The Diggings there are 36,782 nearby mines. We know that Williams was meeting the stranded motorist a few miles from the Bedrock Store which is along Hwy 90. If you zoom into the location on Google Maps, you’ll see that there is a connecting dirt road from Hwy 90 to Hwy 241, which just so happens to follow the Dolores River right up to the confluence where the San Miguel and Dolores River meet and also where the truck was found. This dirt road is labeled as Y11 Road.
We don’t know if the caller was East or West of the Bedrock store. If West there are a number of different mines than if West, and if you throw the mines to the North in, that is another significant number of mines towards the confluence. That said, if you are in Google Maps and hold down control then click the mouse and drag, the map will change to 3D and you will be able to see what kind of terrain is around Paradox Valley. Cliffs. Cliffs of mountainous heights. Here are some screenshots in case you’re not wanting to visit the maps, but I suggest you do for the full effect.

Now, here is an interactive link to the mines in this area.

Now, why do I mention all this? Because when leads come thru saying someone said they threw Dale down a mineshaft… it’s literally looking for a needle. That needle might very well be there. But until the moronic rumors stop and this threat to get someone to stop or start doing whatever someone else wants isn’t a normalcy claim in Nucla, seriously… These girls have been looking for their dad for nearly 19 years.

Isn’t it time to start talking, Nucla? (did you see that new cover photo they put up on the Facebook page? Pretty catchy!)