Do you have a story about Dale that you’d like to share?

We know that Dale had a lot of friends in the Nucla-Naturita-Norwood areas.  At some point, you probably have a story about him.  Please submit your stories about Dale so that we can share them with the world about what a great human he was.

Dale and his family deserves better than the last 21 years.  They deserve answers.  But in the meantime, let’s hear your stories.

This form is completely anonymous, unless you share your name.

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One thought on “Do you have a story about Dale that you’d like to share?”

  1. I wonder if the air filter from the truck was ever tested for heavy metals (specifically URANIUM and VANADIUM). If the truck was driven to a mine to dispose of the body then some of the ore dust would get taken into and embedded on the air filter. If the truck was running long enough at the mine you might get elevated levels of the minerals present. Hopefully the time in the water didn’t wash too much dust out but the air filter is protected so it might be possible. If there are elevated levels of heavy metals (relative to other vehicles in the area) then next would be to find out which ore is present using xray diffraction(or something similar). Then search for the mines that have that ore present in the area and are accessible by vehicle.

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